Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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The Aragonese Strategy for Climate Change and Clean Energies (Spanish acronym: EACCEL) is a reference strategic planning document for reducing and adapting to climate change across Aragonese society and in accordance with the Spanish Strategy. It focuses on 10 key socio-economic sectors. Some sectors are net issuers of greenhouse gases (energy, industry, haulage, etc.) while others are affected by the impacts of climate change (natural resources, farming, etc.).

The EACCEL proposes lines of action for all individual and territorial players to reduce or adapt to climate change.  For its part, the Government of Aragon passed its own action plan (the Action Plan for Climate Change and Clean Energies, with the specific measures implemented by the autonomous government. Its provides an Adaptation Programme and an Observation, Science and Knowledge Programme, focused on increasing scientific knowledge of climate changes and studying the impact to anticipate and minimise the negative effects of climate change.