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Common Implementation Strategy for the Water Framework Directive

In the context of the WFD Common Implementation Strategy, an activity on Climate Change and Water was initiated in 2007 to produce guidance on how Member States should incorporate consideration of climate variability and change into the implementation of EU water policy. In 2008, the Water Directors discussed and agreed key policy messages on Climate Change and Water. This EU guidance builds upon the main policy messages and is a mentioned as a priority action in the EC's White Paper on Adapting to Climate Change (2009). It has been discussed with a wide range of stakeholders and experts in the framework of the Common Implementation Strategy, and it reflects the important role of water managers in adapting to climate change. This guidance intends to give support to river basin managers in incorporating climate change in the next river basin management cycles. Further work may be needed and will be undertaken in the Common Implementation Strategy.
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Directiva Marco del Agua, estrategia
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European Commission
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Strategies; Plans and programmes; Regulation
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Water resources
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