Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Information by Autonomous Community

Autonomous Community of Valencia

Comunitat Valenciana is located in a privileged territory, i.e. the Mediterranean basin, but it is particularly vulnerable to climate change.

Evidence of climate change and its effects include a general increase in temperatures, falling precipitation levels, rising sea levels, the appearance of new invasive plant species and new diseases and an increase in the number and intensity of extreme meteorological phenomena, such as heatwaves.

To deal with this threat, Generalitat Valenciana has equipped itself with a key instrument for guaranteeing social and economic well-being: the Strategy for climate change of Valencia 2013-2020, which stands as the framework of coordination for the actions taken by the various departments of Generalitat Valenciana with regard to climate change.

Said strategy includes horizontal and sectoral adaptation measures (sectors include health, agriculture, forestry and biodiversity, water resources, coastal areas and countryside) and it defines specific development actions and indicators to confirm their validity and effectiveness.