The platform for the exchange and consultation of information on adaptation to the climate change (AdapteCCa) is a tool available for all experts, organisations, institutions and players interested in gaining access to and exchanging information, knowledge and experience about impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to the climate change. It is also an instrument for communication among all of said parties.

Novedades y destacados

  • You can access to information about the strategies, plans, programmes and initiatives concerning the adaptation to climate change...
  • You can visit the European platform of adaptation to climate change Climate Adapt.
  • Links about adaptation to climate change in Spain.
  • Access all calls for Adaptecca
  • José Manuel Moreno, Professor of Ecology at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and Vice President of Group II of the IPCC talks...
  • Learn how to use Adaptecca with this simple guide
  • Informe detallado sobre el PNACC con recomendaciones y lecciones aprendidas
  • Estudio de opinión sobre el PNACC basado en encuestas y entrevistas